MLS Of India

Shreyan Advisory is focused on bringing multiple listing services to the real estate sector in India. The corporation has already established the platform through MLS of India to allow real estate agents, brokers and builders to register for commission based services by hosting multiple listings on their website.

Shreyan Advisory help agents and brokers to not only create websites with appropriate domain names, but they also assist in hosting the website and going mobile. Today, most businesses have gone mobile, and Shreyan Advisory focuses on providing excellent support that allow real estate businesses to flourish in India. The need of the hour for agents and brokers is to expose their listings to as many potential buyers as possible. This has been made possible by Shreyan Advisory by bringing MLS to India. With accurate analytics, real time data and timely deals, real estate market has never looked better in India.

MLS of India provides a steady source of income to brokers as they allow several listings on their website through listing agreements. All this, and more of such co-operative endeavors are changing the face of real estate businesses in India. Shreyan Advisory is at the forefront of such change and proudly presents the MLS of India.

Today, the market needs co-operation between the sellers to offer more options and better choices to the consumers. MLS of India is the answer to the unregulated real estate market in India, and Shreyan Advisory continues to bring the best solutions to the market.