Product Detail Of No Code Solution for SharePoint 2013


The No Code Solution developed by Shreyan Advisory is a high-value product that provides high-level of flexibility in handling different SharePoint list events that arises on multiple actions. This product easily integrates with SharePoint 2010 as well as SharePoint 2013.

For users that operate in SharePoint environments, there are times when a need arises for flexibility in dealing with various SharePoint list events. With No Code Solution from Shreyan Advisory Corporation you can handle the events in the browser with more flexibility and power over multiple actions. Shreyan Advisory’s No Code solution provides more flexibility and puts more control for event handling in the hands of the Administrator/Site Owner. The availability of a browser based interface gives the administrator an edge in setting up all sorts of events without implementing List Item event receivers employing custom coding.

What stands out most about this product is its efficiency in implementing custom solution when dealing with list events for individual lists. No Code accomplishes this task by providing comprehensive solution for list event handling. This gives it an edge in configuration and effectiveness in managing all the events in a SharePoint list.


  • No Code solution provides tools to the administrator to access the settings page on any SharePoint list and configure the different events such as Add, Update or Delete that occur within the list.
  • The tool provides a greater amount of flexibility to administrators and it is not available out-of-the-box
  • As many organizations spend a lot of time, energy and resources creating custom solutions for handling list events, No Code is the best solution in that it is efficient and cuts on the time required to do the job.
  • The No Code solution works with all lists and libraries in a particular SharePoint site once it is set up.


SharePoint No Code Solution How it Works

This Solution allows 100% freedom from writing a code for SharePoint events 

  • We can create event on following events
    • Item Adding
    • Item Added
    • Item Updating
    • Item Updated
    • Item Deleting
    • Item Deleted
    • Event Details: It provide a sequence number or an order of execution of events
    • Conditions: We can specify multiple conditions on list fields
    • Actions:  It specify the action that took place when an event has occurred
      • Send Mail : To User or Group , with Subject and body
      • Log  To: To make entry to log file
        • Note: Log To is showing – Select—only as option
  • Copy List Item: The current item may move to other list , sometimes it act as backup or other use
  • And few more


The Shreyan SharePoint No Code Solution 2013 provides more functionality like execute events in specified sequence and on given condition. No Code Solution provides facility to change sequence number of new event.

  • Shift sequence number - It shifts to other events of which sequence numbers are later of given sequence number.
  • Swap with original sequence - It swap event with event which has given sequence number.


System Requirements: 

SharePoint 2010 

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008/ Microsoft Windows Server 2012


Internet Explorer 8 or higher


Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013/SharePoint Server 2013


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