Product Detail Of Folder 2 Metadata (F2M) for SharePoint 2013


Folder to Metadata Migration How it Works

  • This tool is used to migrate the documents between two/ SharePoint listsLocal Folder to SharePoint List
  • It consists  of two sections  i.e. Source and Destination
  • We need to mention source site collection (Lookup Site) and Documents Library (Lookup Library)
  • Also we need to mention target site collection (Target Site) and target document library (Target Library)
  • After fill out the source, we need to authenticate with credentials.
  • Similarly we need to do at Destination.
  • Include Folders: If we have sub folders in source it copy to destination as well. This is special feature where you can define how many level of folder structure you want to maintain same as source to destination. For example if you have 7 level of folder level in Source but while migrating to SharePoint if you want to keep only two levels as it is and remaining documents at flat level then F2M Solution will convert folder names as metadata
  • File or Folder Naming Conventions:  We can also specify any replace of character  by other
  • Column Mapping: we can map column names from excel to SharePoint list. This feature provides capability to add additional metadata to the documents while uploading the document
  • While migrating, it shows the % of completion.
  • Ribbon Control – “Show Folder Structure” feature allows user to display the document library in the folder format structure exactly as it was at source even if user migrated all documents to same flat level in SharePoint


Now migrate the documents between two SharePoint lists/Local folder to SharePoint List using Shreyan Folder2Metadata for SharePoint 2013


System Requirements: 

SharePoint 2013

Operating System:

Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP with the latest service packs


Internet Explorer 8 or higher


Windows Server 2012 / 2008 R2 front-end web server(s) or application server(s) running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013


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