We expect to gain more public attention post-ICO. To meet this challenge and satisfy the curiosity of subscribers, we will deploy a number of communication strategies. This will include the creation of explainer videos to educate on the use of all platforms relating to the token. In addition, we make use of blogs and the social media as well as press releases.

Customer Management

Building a perfect customer relationship is critical to sustaining the success of an ICO launch. We help to create a robust and effective customer service structure to ensure subscribers receive prompt response to their queries.


Having a successful launch means more communication with the community. We have the right structure in place to maintain several channels of communication while anticipating the needs of the community.

Token and Legal Management

Drawing on the experience of our technology and legal partners, we establish a concise token management. We work to your specifications in relation to your coin offering and help to establish rules about coin distribution and retention.

Board Guidance

Creation of a repertoire of online and offline resources to help new users find their way around the community and gain in-depth knowledge about the offering. We deploy effective research and development to ensure we are not missing anything in this regard.

Business Development

At the forefront of our post-ICO activities will be the development and execution of a robust business plan. We will achieve this by consulting our business partners who will work out modalities to seek growth opportunities and ensure listing on SEC-approved exchanges in order to make the ICO token more valuable.

About Shreyan Advisory

ICOs are being marketed as a new way for companies / projects / groups of people to raise money for their crypto coin. We’ll assist you with the end to end solution for launching your ICO. ICO’s

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