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Data science applications are not limited to any specific manufacturing or service industry. It has proved its immense potential to businesses across the globe. Irrespective of the type of business sector of the clients, the experience of our experts is set to offer them precise solutions that they seek from our data consulting services. We engage with client’s core team at different levels of their organization to gauge the current business processes and operations in place before formulating the different data science technologies that will be most coherent for getting the desired outcome. Our seasoned experts have rendered their services for variety of businesses, big and small, and have helped them significantly improve the top-line as well as bottom-line of their balance sheets.

Why choose Us?


In the e-commerce business environment, there is no sales person to assist you in what you are looking to buy in the online store. Cognitive analysis serves to guide the customer in the online store with associated options and possibilities to get the sales conversion. While browsing online, the user leaves some significant footprints which help the cognitive analytic to determine the preferences of the customer. It is used to increase the business potential for the companies by providing improved customer services by preempting the needs or requirements of the customer. It is also an important tool for the cyber security of businesses. Our experts apply cutting-edge technology innovations to reveal the preferences of your existing as well as future clients by exploiting the wealth of information lying untapped in your systems.


We provide wide range of Flexible & Useful solutions in Data Science.


Chatbots today, are used increasingly by all business organizations as it enables customers to converse with machines using native language. These serve as solutions for customer frustration from Customer Care Call Assistance. Importantly, they are successful in addressing simple issues, thus largely acceptable by customers. One can see it being extensively used by major online stores in customer service where these chatbots assist in shopping choices and product recommendations to the clients. Similarly online news portals like CNN have deployed chatbots for latest news. It is also very helpful in the airline industry, for example, it helps in scheduling – Alaska Airline’s chatbot is hugely successful in helping their customers. Our team at Shreyan can develop suitable chatbots to assist your customers 24x7 and enhance customer satisfaction as well as your business image in the market.


TensorFlow is the latest deep learning technology employed by Machine Learning enthusiasts across applications in research and production. Some typical examples of use of TensorFlow is image recognition, word embeddings, natural language processing and etc., have proven to be hugely successful outcomes of this technology. This open source software library for machine learning, developed by Google Brain, is fast and flexible. Our team of experts in flow programming use TensorFlow to focus on the overall logic of the application of the customer as the program takes care of the mathematical computational part to predict the outcome.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis is a very important tool in determining the customer responses or market patterns using the historical data sets. It provides the trends and patterns which hold true in new situations, thus help largely in decision making. Our team of experts use different technologies such as machine learning, deep learning algorithms, AI, Statistical algorithms and etc., to extract pertinent information from the existing data set to forecast future opportunities. It helps in managing resources for the businesses, predict inventory management, growth opportunities and host of other scenarios for the business.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is probably the most widely used application in Artificial Intelligence since its focus is to develop computer programs that can access data and learn to use the data points in various different vantage points. Its efficiency improves with experience and machines can help find the different correlations within the data set. Our team, at Shreyan, has a deep understanding of the Machine Learning algorithms and helps the clients get benefit of the technology in their business models for future growth.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables interaction between native language and computer machines. Today, NLP technology is penetrating into the market across different industry or domains. “Hey Siri” and “OK Google” are typical examples for everyone to experience its usefulness. Executives at Shreyan have expertise on this trending branch of AI and can help your business gain superior edge to retain customer loyalty as well as other areas of your operations by enhancing efficiency through machine translation, summarization, text mining, etc. Be it Health Care, Finance or Customer Assistance, NLP has been very successful across businesses.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is also called surge pricing or demand pricing and is widely used by e-commerce players, omni channel retailers, airlines and etc. It uses advanced algorithms based on demand, supply, inventory, competition, event and host of other relevant factors. It serves as strong profitability lever for businesses but has its own pitfalls. Shreyan’s team has implemented successful projects for customers by developing core dynamic pricing algorithms based on big data and machine learning tools. The deft use of price elasticity and optimization models helps clients evolve dynamic strategy to remain ahead of competition and increase market share in this highly competitive environment.

Sales Prediction

Sales Prediction is an integral process for every business to meet the future challenges or goals, and Machine Learning algorithms can help in making tangible estimates in this direction. It is possible to gain insightful interpretations of possible trends in the times to come using the historic data intelligently into the models developed by Shreyan’s team of experts. They have demonstrated their capabilities for numerous clients in retail, finance, insurance and host of other business sectors.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Artificial Intelligence enhances user engagement with the business and exceeds customer expectations by providing personalized services. We identify the customer preferences and provide shopping assistance as well as product recommendations using AI which help the business remain ahead of the competition and retain the customer loyalty. All the major retail stores today are investing on AI to remain ahead of the curve.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

The use of AI applications in Health Care is set to aid the medical practitioners and the health providers immensely while streamlining health delivery mechanisms presently in place. The advance machine learning tools have the capability to analyze the big data, both structured as well as unstructured, thus setting the road map to improve the quality of health care in the time to come. In research work, it has shown tremendous potential to analyze the complex data for people working in genetic medicine, for example. It has already made significant contribution in supporting the diagnostic branch of health system like radiology. We offer custom solutions to clients for patient record management and clinical trials.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Financial World

The use of AI is financial sectors like insurance, banking and etc. is helping the businesses to understand the future landscape of the economy by not only cutting costs but also improving service metrics. The expert team at Shreyan Advisory has a deep understanding of the challenges of this sector and applies appropriate AI paradigms for identifying the potential threats and risks for the business so that timely preventive actions can be undertaken. AI initiatives have been incorporated in every area of financial organizations by many renowned businesses and have helped them make the blue print for future growth.

Our Strategy

The convergence of Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and many such cutting edge new technologies have the potential to offer exciting new solutions to businesses across the globe. These technological advancements are already tested and validated by the market today. One just needs to ensure appropriate implementation for reaping fruitful returns. At Shreyan, we have a team of experts who have a deep understanding of this technology and the benefits it can bring to the business enterprise.

Proof of Concept

We, at Shreyan, provide Proof of Concept to clients and demonstrate the functionality and feasibility of the theories through implementing Blockchain technology into their business processes. This enables the clients to plan their budget and evaluate the project’s feasibility, thus determining a roadmap for a full-fledged implementation. The chief drivers for implementation of Blockchain technology in business organizations are for speeding up the business processes, ensuring immutability of data, elimination of intermediaries, and etc., all of which is included in the proof of concept.

Solutions Development

Shreyan has demonstrated its capability in designing, implementing and supporting Blockchain technology solutions to many clients across the continents. We analyze the user requirements and design the technology around the business model by leveraging the Blockchain technology while producing high quality codes based on the project requirement.

Rental Application on Smart Contract

Blockchain technology can provide secured, cost effective as well as sustainable solution for both landlords as well as tenants. The owner of the property can upload the details of the property along with the desired rent, security, period, terms and etc. on the Ethereum platform. The interested tenant, in turn, can send the offer for the property in the selected template smart contract notes available on the platform.

In case of mutual agreement and deal, payments are made through Ethereum tokens to the landlord by the tenant and the security is kept in escrow account. The contract becomes part of blockchain which can be accessed by both parties at any point in time but cannot be altered. It remains obligatory for both for the duration of contract. The absence of a middle man ensures cost effectiveness and blockchain platform helps in transparency as well as bridging the trust deficit between both the tenant and landlord.

We have successfully developed a Real Estate Rental Application called, "Rent Peacefully," using Ethereum Blockchain platform. For more information, please visit

KYC Utility

Blockchain technology provides robust solutions for the usage and security of personal data. This is usually required by banks, insurance companies, and other financial service providers from their customers and is generally termed as "Know Your Customer". The cost of processing identity management and background verification is fairly significant for organizations, but it can be lowered easily by sharing the cryptographically encoded details in cloud.

The authorization of the customer through its personal private key will only ensure the accessibility of the necessary details to the interested Company or Bank to verify the data. This reduces the burden of repetitive submissions by the client, speeds up the process, reduces cost of customer acquisition and keeps the personal details secured from any unauthorized entities for extraneous use.

Shreyan provides customized KYC services to clients using blockchain technology to reduce operating and compliance cost with better user experience. We are also developing our own KYCAAS, "Know Your Customer As a Service."

Why We Innovate

In order to develop high quality ICO launch, the utilization of the right development technology is perhaps the most important factor and key to its success lies in innovation. The importance of the incorporation, creation, execution and encouragement of new ideas is paramount. Through our experienced team, we aim to innovate and constantly diversify the newest development features, technologies and consultation platforms.

Our teams are constantly on the lookout for thinkers, developers with novel ideas, discovery of new technology so on and so forth in order to help improve and enhance the quality and versatility of the services we can offer to you, the success of your campaign and its development. We are dedicated to this motive and work consistently on its progress and research. Shreyan Advisory believes that innovation is the keystone to any successful venture, business and idea.

We Work With You

The Shreyan Advisory Teams works closely with all of our clients. This helps and enables us to find and provide services that best suit your needs. We customize and personalise plans and solutions. Among the many areas we specialise in, we also provide our expertise in: