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ICOs are being marketed as a new way for companies / projects / groups of people to raise money for their crypto coin. We’ll assist you with the end to end solution for launching your ICO.

ICO’s are marketed as a brand new, simple and efficient method for companies, ventures, projects and groups of people to fundraise for their crypto coin. It has seen its widespread usage in start-up companies as a means of raising funds for development and garnering the attention of investors and backers.

We will enable the establishment of your undertaking and assist you with the complete and intensive creation of your concept and introduce it for ICO fundraising in order to gain the maximum possible benefits and backers to meet and that suit your requirements.

For us at Shreyan Advisory, the clients and their interests always comes first. Our main key to success is offering our clients the best service and consultations possible. Our relationship with our clients is just as important and we invest in creating and nurturing a lasting, long-term relationship with them.

Project and Campaign Timeline:

The arrangement and organisation of an ICO with Shreyan Advisory takes approximately 3-4 months. Sales of the ICO stays open for 30-60 days (approximately 1-2 months). Token sales after ICO takes up to approximately1-2 months to distribute tokens to crowd sale participants and backers and convert the funds that have been raised to a project funding.

Why we have Competitive age?

Core Research : Our teams conduct intense primary research, investment reviews and analysis. We assist all of our clients in making informed and thoroughly researched decisions.

Industry and People Networking :We put people first. We are connected to many industry leaders from social platform. We give weight to the fact that the future of your company and industry relies on the transactions you make now.

Reach : The global crypto community is within our access and we do communicate across borders within regional areas. We incorporate and bring international community to local and regional areas.

Up-to- Date : We are always constantly updated with the market. We know what is hip and happening in the space of ICO investors, and can help guide issuers in balancing rewards and risks. We also provide assistance in structuring well received transactions.

Expert Teams : The media and business reach of our platform is wide. Our teams have exceptional deals in the field, expertise and relationships.

Why we innovate:

In order to develop high quality ICO launch, the utilization of the right development technology is perhaps the most important factor and key to its success lies in innovation. The importance of the incorporation, creation, execution and encouragement of new ideas is paramount. Through our experienced team, we aim to innovate and constantly diversify the newest development features, technologies and consultation platforms.

Our teams are constantly on the lookout for thinkers, developers with novel ideas, discovery of new technology so on and so forth in order to help improve and enhance the quality and versatility of the services we can offer to you, the success of your campaign and its development. We are dedicated to this motive and work consistently on its progress and research. Shreyan Advisory believes that innovation is the keystone to any successful venture, business and idea.

We Work With You:

The Shreyan Advisory Teams works closely with all of our clients. This helps and enables us to find and provide services that best suit your needs. We customize and personalise plans and solutions. Among the many areas we specialise in, we also provide our expertise in:

  •   Customer care
      Conversion of capitals
      Multi-Sig wallets
      Outreach of Investors and funders
      Partial Underwriting
      Milestone Based Escrow

About Shreyan Advisory

ICOs are being marketed as a new way for companies / projects / groups of people to raise money for their crypto coin. We’ll assist you with the end to end solution for launching your ICO. ICO’s

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