Technology Services

We offer bespoke technology solutions which are critical to the success of an ICO. Our services in this regard will encompass setting up a perfect website, token and digital wallet creation, smart contract management and cyber security. We achieve this through consultations with developers and in-house tech managers who are experienced in the blockchain and ICO world.

Smart Contracts

Being aware of the enthusiasm around blockchain-based smart contracts, we possess the right tools to create one which is truly smart. Our tech services department engages programmers to generate error-free smart contract codes. With this, we guarantee seamless execution of any specific agreement generated on the blockchain.

Creation of tokens

Token creation remains critical to the success of an ICO. Our technology experts are proficient enough to make this a smooth sail and deliver a great product which exhibits all the functionalities you require. Security is a huge concern with blockchain technology; we understand this and will not stop at anything to make your tokens highly secured.

Digital Wallets

Wallet creation is one of our key areas of specialization. Drawing on the expertise and in-depth knowledge of our blockchain technology experts, we create digital wallets to your specifications using the most secured wallet creation tools in the industry.

Front End

Our web developers are conversant with the workings of an efficient front end. Again, security is a top priority in this regard as we utilize the best tools including HTML, CSS and Javascript to create a scalable site. With this, we achieve a boost in site performance and accessibility from the outset.


A middleware is essential to facilitate interaction between computers in a network. Our technology services encompass the development and deploy of the perfect middleware to match your coin offering. We do this to support other tech features such as smart contracts and tokens. Our service in this regard is expected to conceal all intricacies associated with distributed applications which might occur.

Technology Architecture

Crafting your project around the best technology requires hard work; this is why we handle this for you. Harmed with an understanding of the technical intricacies of the blockchain technology, we deliver product architecture to specifications.

Security Audit

Considering high level concerns about hackers getting smarter by the day, we ensure no one circumvents your system. We provide thorough auditing via technical assessments targeted at identifying potential loopholes and plugging such before leading to a breach. As a result, our clients have their integrity preserved and users feel safer.

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