We perceive this as an important aspect of an ICO execution. We have tested and trusted strategies developed by our marketing experts who are conversant with how things work in the cryptospace. We will incorporate a thorough knowledge of our audience and the target market in creating a story around your ICO to win the hearts of investors. To achieve this, we will deploy proven online and offline marketing strategies with purpose and precision to establish qualitative relationship with key influencers on and administer social media pages, set up targeted ads and include your coin offering on ICO trackers.

Digital marketing

We perfectly understand the frameworks behind setting up an effective online marketing campaign. Leveraging on the wealth of knowledge of our digital marketing experts, we will create a tailored campaign to encompass all strata of digital marketing including social media, targeted emails and promotion via the search engine. At the forefront of our campaign in these areas will be visual and written contents targeting the blockchain community via blogs, the YouTube and social media pages.

Public Relation

Deploying media presence in the execution of an ICO is an important ICO marketing strategy. Our media partners are experienced in working with ICOs and would do the best job in the world. Usually, we launch a strategic PR campaign 3months prior to the actual ICO launch with the support of an in-house PR manager and our media partners who ensures the promotion of the project. To achieve this, our tools include press releases, post-event releases, copywrite information materials, media publications, PR events as well as TV and radio presentations.


Identifying key influencers in the blockchain community is a strategic way of pitching our ideas to a global audience. We have the masterminds to achieve this who will commit to working within a team of community and project managers to ensure a successful ICO launch. These individuals will champion the campaign within the community which will encompass forums, blogs, social media networks as well as telegram and slack chats.


This is an essential subset of our offline marketing tactics to be held in specific areas. We will mobilize and deploy the manpower while managing all protocols and logistics in collaboration with media and entertainment champions

Bounty Program

Bounty/giveaway programs remains at the forefront of our marketing campaign. We will help establish the rules and rewards with attention on critical aspects such as protocol security and implementation security to ensure a flawless delivery. We have a network of bounty managers to champion the program and keep our goals within realizable, but ambitious limits.

About Shreyan Advisory

ICOs are being marketed as a new way for companies / projects / groups of people to raise money for their crypto coin. We’ll assist you with the end to end solution for launching your ICO. ICO’s

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