Developing an effective strategy is at the core of our business. Realising the importance of having the right strategy, our team will brainstorm ideas and create a perfectly unique concept and plan to span the entire lifecycle of your project from pre-ICO to post-ICO.

Concept Creation

Our research team help you to develop your concept with detailed roadmap giving investors and backers a clear idea of what your unique offering stands for and how they can relate to it. We achieve this by making consultations with tech influencers and subjecting your idea to deep scrutiny in order to ensure we get it right from outset.


We here at Shreyan Advisors help you to structure and build your ICO launch and enable it to reach thousands of contributors in the following ways:
o Drafting, Review and Publish whitepaper- Draft your whitepaper with technical details and business plan. We can also assist you through every step of drafting your ICO. In order to ensure the best quality and effective draft, you draft will go through our team of expert reviewers in order to proofread, fact check and remove any and all redundancy in your campaign. After multiple quality checks, your draft will be sent to our publishing team for validation

ICO Platform

There are various blockchain framework available but our expert team can guide in choosing right ICO platform


A prospectus is an important document in this journey. Our team of editors and blockchain experts will come up with a concise, but explanatory prospectus. By this, we will give investors a complete brief of what your project stands for and how they stand to benefit.

About Shreyan Advisory

ICOs are being marketed as a new way for companies / projects / groups of people to raise money for their crypto coin. We’ll assist you with the end to end solution for launching your ICO. ICO’s

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