Legal Solution

Currently most of the security commissions from all countries trying to regulate digital token currency by bringing it under securities. There are possibilities of designing token as a utility. Understanding these possibilities and the legal frameworks involved, we tailor our solutions within the ambits of the law to meet your specific concept. We also deploy the necessary research and consultations to plug all loopholes that might put your project to legal questioning in the future. We achieve this by working round the clock and keeping abreast of global evolutions along the legal fronts.

Formation of Legal Entity

At Shreyan Advisory, our goal is to ensure your targets are met within all legitimate routes possible. We understand this is crucial to preserving the trust of investors and backers as well as avoiding clampdowns by regulatory bodies in future. Therefore, we ensure the creation of a legal entity by reviewing your concept and making the necessary recommendations. We also ensure all legal documents relating to your project are intact and created professionally. Going by the expertise of our team of attorneys who are experienced in matters relating to ICOs and the blockchain technology, we are certain never to go wrong in this aspect.


While there’s a general aversion for government interference in matters relating to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, a certain measure of compliance with respect to ICO creation is still required. We have the expertise to recognize these areas and ensure your project meets up with extant regulations in your country. We can help you to design token from legal perspective and help you to get SEC approval or discuss beforehand with SEC. We provide external consultation through attorneys who have been specialised in the ICO field and practices.


TGlobal ICO regulations keeps evolving; no thanks to nefarious elements who keep changing strategies to amass funds to promote one heinous agenda or the other. However, we are always on top of our game to keep abreast of changing rules. Our duty is to make your ICO token sale adhere to these regulations by way of a robust KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) measures. We understand how crucial this step is to protecting investor interests, avoiding the legal hammer and even getting listed on some exchanges. We will leave no stone unturned to help you in achieving this, especially if your ICO is a security

Token Agreement

An articulate token sale agreement is not to be overlooked. Drawing on the experience of our legal team in the digital assets niche, you can always be certain about the coverage and legality of this document. In case of pre-ICOs, we will have everything relating to your future offering spelt out on a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).

Jurisdiction Guidance

Declaring a jurisdiction as far as ICOs are concerned is as important as setting up a legal entity. Our duty is to provide the necessary guidance in picking a proper jurisdiction. We will help to define all ambiguities from outset and also ensure a proper setup of a venture for resolution. To achieve this, we will review the specifics about your ICO, compare extant laws as well as consider SEC regulations.

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