Financial Services

Finance is a vital aspect of any coin offering and we have this adequately covered. Our services in this regard will cover advisory, auditing and preparation of statements. We draw on the importance of this as part of your project to help fulfil this obligation to investors.

Escrow Services

Financial reports are key aspects of well-planned ICOs. Gain access to in-house financial experts who will create detailed and easy-to-follow reports about ICOs. We also perform audits to meet up with legal obligations and ensure no figures are lost.

Investor meetings

Investors have a legal right to access information about their investments. We understand investors could be scattered across different geographical locations. This is no barrier to us as we create the perfect means for investors to gain access to information and interact with ICO initiators.

About Shreyan Advisory

ICOs are being marketed as a new way for companies / projects / groups of people to raise money for their crypto coin. We’ll assist you with the end to end solution for launching your ICO. ICO’s

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